Producer Initiatives

Slaney Hereford Scheme

Hereford Cattle Grazing


Hereford Beef is of excellent eating quality, known for its tenderness and flavour. The Irish Hereford Breed Society has teamed up with Slaney Foods, to provide Certified Quality Irish Hereford Beef. Quality Assured farmers are invited to join us in providing more Hereford cattle under the Slaney Hereford Scheme. For more information and details on hereford cattle eligibility, please contact the Cattle Procurement Team.

Eamonn Moulds - 087 6779567

John McDonald - 087 2695119

Denis Brennan - 087 6871589

Aberdeen Angus Scheme

In early 2007 Slaney Foods introduced their very own Aberdeen Angus club, highlighting a commitment to their customers and an assured supply of beef.


This is a growing part of our business, as customers require the high quality Aberdeen Angus product that we can provide, to their specification.

For more information, including details of Bonus Payments for eligible cattle, please contact:

John McDonald

T:  053-9377155
M: 087-2695119

Organic Scheme

Slaney Foods are a leading processor of Organic Beef and offers a full range of organic products.

We are registered members of I.O.A (Irish Organic Association)

Organic Cattle Specifications


For more information, including prices etc. please contact:

Cattle Office              053-9377155

Eamonn Moulds        087 6779567

John McDonald         087 2695119

Denis Brennan          087 6871589