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Linden Foods Group

Slaney Herd Scheme

Slaney Foods have taken the lead from a quality perspective and have successfully implemented and maintained the "Slaney Herd Scheme". 

This innovative and reliable scheme ensures quality assurance, with over 3,000 independently approved farms supplying 90% of Slaney's top quality beef.

Combined with our computer-based traceability systems this guarantees consistent product quality and safety. 

Due to market requirements driven by customer demand, it has become necessary for Slaney Foods to alter the Slaney Herd Scheme specifications for our bonus payments for Quality assured cattle. 

These changes became effective as of July 1st 2014. 


 For more information, including details of Bonus Payments for eligible cattle please contact:


   Betty Deacon

   Tel: 053-9377155




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